Do I need a crank hub or a balancer?

For most applications a balancer will work better than a crank hub for eliminating harmonics in the motor. We recommend the use of a quality aftermarket balancer since stock balancers do not hold up well on blown motors. Crank hubs are recommended for high boost race applications.

What makes the blower “surge”?

This is caused by a rich/lean cycle at idle. As the motor leans out the RPM’s increase and richen up the motor, when the motor richens the RPM’s decrease and the motor leans out again. This continual cycle is known as “blower surge”. With proper tuning, some of this surging should be able to be eliminated.

How tight should I run my blower belt?

The blower belt adjustment should be done with the motor cold, and have 3/4″ deflection in or out on the long side of the belt. This should give you 1 1/2″ total deflection. Once the motor is warm this will decrease to roughly 1/4″ deflection in or out, or a total deflection of 1/2″. Over tightening the belt can cause severe damage to the blower and/or crankshaft.

Will my stock fuel pump work on my supercharged engine?

No. Your supercharged engine will require at least 120 GPH (gallons per hour). It can be either a mechanical or electric pump.

Do I need blower carburetors?

You can modify your naturally aspirated carburetors to work on a supercharged engine. This will require extensive carburetor knowledge and a complete understanding of the fuel demands of a supercharged engine. We do however recommend the use of a Blower Calibrated Carburetor.

How many ft/lbs should I torque my supercharger to?

You should torque the supercharger to 10-12 ft/lbs. for most applications.

Some Intercoolers (not TBS brand) that use long steel studs may require more torque for a proper seal, normally 18-20 ft/lbs.

How much oil does my supercharger take?

Please give us a call at (208)985-7650 and specify what supercharger you have.

What type of oil should I run in my supercharger?

You should run a High Quality 80w/90 gear oil with a GL-5 rating with Zinc. Synthetic oil or Synthetic blends are OK to use. We do sell oil with Zinc, the part number is #4110.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us at (208)985-7650 (Phone) or (208)985-7655 (Fax)


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